Tadaaki Kuwayama

(Project for CASO Space A)

(Project for CASO Space B)

space A , B

gallery yamaguchi

  Tadaaki Kuwayama
  List of Works

Space A "Project for CASO Space A"
Metallic Yellow and Metallic Silver
each: 20 (h) x 21 (diameter) cm
overall: about 470 x 770 cm
Anodized aluminum

Space B "Project for CASO Space B"
Metallic Yellow and Metallic Pink
each: 18 x 240 x 6 cm
overall: 37.5 x 2000 cm
Metallic paint on bakelite on plywood

Gallery Yamaguchi
Mixed media
Graphite on Mylar, glass and aluminum
each: 38 x 45 x 3.5 cm
17 pieces

(Project for CASO Space A)                   (at Gallery Yamaguchi)