-Contemporary Sculpture
from Korea and China-

T h e B u r g e o n i n g A s i a n C e n t u r y


Sui Jian Guo "The time of Jurassic"
260x220x470 , painted fiber glass and steel

 This is the 3rd exhibition of "The Burgeoningasian century", the series of exhibitions which introduce Korean contemporary art to Japan. The 1st exhibition was in Sep. 2001, and the 2nd was in May, 2002.
 This time we focus on contemporary sculptures, and we add three Chinese artists.

  Zhan Wang
  Zhong Song
  Sui Jian Guo

  Yun Seong-jin
  Park Sang-sook
  Lee Jong-bin
  Won In-jong
  Chung Hyun
  Lee Yong-deok
  Kang Ai-ran
Room A

Apr.2 -Apr.20 2003
11:00-19:00 (-15:00 on the last day, Apr 20)

The Working Committee of the Exhibition"The Burgeoning Asian Century "
by Asian Art Net & Keumsan Gallery


Yoshio KATO kfa4719@g2.mnx.ne.jp
Yin Shuang xi
CHOI Tae-Man
LEE Jin-Hwa, MA Ah-Hyun, LEE Hye-Jung, BAE Youn-Joo
JUNG Hye-Jung, KIM Hyun-Sook, PARK Hyun-Ok, CHOI In-Ah

Room D

Lee Yong-deok "Holding her breath"
FRP Plastic
Zhan Wang "Ornamental Rock"
Stainless Steel
Zhong Song "A fin" 300x170X60 Sui Jian Guo "Clother Vein Study -Discobolus"

Lee Jong-bin "Art Map" "Sitting Woman" Lee Jong-bin "Art Map" (part)
Won In-jong "kwan-ak mountain" 275x209x105 Won In-jong "body-mountain" 216x56x79
nail, aluminium


Chung Hyun from left to right
"Face"bronze, "Untitled"bronze,"Face"railroad tie
Chung Hyun "Untitled" bronze
Kan Ai-ran
Left "Knowledge in Idle Box",
resin casting, EL blacklight, silk wrapping cloth,etc
Right "Reality and Virtual Reality"
Mixed media (DVD,etc)
Park Sang-sook "The System of Life 0203"
aluminum 150x200x20

Lee yong-deok "The time of growth" hard plaster, wood Yune Seong-jin "Apocalipse" plaster, steel, 40 pieces