Dec.10 wed., 2003- Jan.15 Sun., 2004

rupart spira : Open Bowl, Poem incised through black pigment
Open Bowl, Poem incised through black pigment

This is the first solo exhibition in Japan of the mid-career British potter, Rupert Spira , whose work has found favor with such well-known intellectuals as Lord & Lady Sainsbury and Sir David Attenborough.
He was a student of Michael Cardew, the disciple of Bernard Leach. The exhibition includes some 100 works that combine profound contemporary thinking with Asian taste.

entrance fee: free
11:00am -7:00pm (on the last day -5:00pm)
closed on Mondays (except Jan 5, Jan 12) and Dec.29 - Jan.3

produced by Rupert Spira exhibition comittee
supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, British Council
curated by Music and Arts Planning

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rupart spira
Incised poem, Transparent glaze, Copper Red rim