"Don't read, Feel!!"

Title: [no sound * music]
Size: 730x620(mm)
Year: 2003

A transcendent sound lies between a sound and a sound.

Apr.5 Tue. - Apr.10 sun., 2005
Opening times : 11am -7pm (on the closing day: -5pm)
performance and reception: Apr.5 19:00-

CASO Space B

Calligraphy & installation

installation view

About Kotaro HATCH

Title: Work shop
[Knock down! Kanji-monster!!]
Aug 8, 2004
Little Tokyo Square, LA

A letter is a spell.
A letter is a power.
Kanji(Chinese characters) expresses its mean by itself, but it embodies its function only when it is written.

Kotaro HATCH

B.A. in Oriental Calligraphy, Hanazono University, 2001
M.A. in Art, Kyoto University of Art & Design, 2004

*Professional Affiliation
Member of the Arts and Cultural interchange Soc.
Member of Japan Shogeiin Association
Member of the Yomiuri Shohokai
Instructor at Bukkyo University
Instructor at Osaka business college
Instructor at Tuji cooking college

*Solo Exhibitions
2005 [shin-man] Mori sushi, Los Angeles.
   [Don't read, Feel!!] Cafe a Womb, Kyoto. Gallery CASO, Osaka.
2004 [Smile Wave] Little Tokyo Square, Los Angeles.
2003 [vibration] Japanese Art Gallery, St.Petersburg.
2002 [Yuige] Kyoto University of Art & Design, Kyoto.
   [Classic Style] Rakuen, Kyoto.

*Group Exhibitions
2005 [Shadow rhythm] Japanese Art Gallery, St.Petersburg. Carpe Diem, Osaka.
2004 [Art Index. The Art of St.Peterburg] Ethnografical Museum, St.Petersburg.
   [Ad libitum Graphics] Central Artists House, Moscow.
2002 [Arts and Cultural interchange Soc.] Bukkyo University,Kyoto.
   [Human×Affordance×Object] Nasic square, Kyoto.

*Live Painting
2004 [Smile Line] Multi-Cultural Dance & Music Festival, Santa Barbara.
   [Soul of Hokkaido 2004] Venice Beach, Los Angeles.
   [Hachikaburi] 1room, Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe.
2003 [vibration] Japanese Art Gallery, St.Petersburg.
   [Change-Get to Together] Kamogawa Park, Kyoto.
   [The Earthquake] Kyo-Ryu-Kan, Kyoto.

2004 [Dream come true] Japan expo 2004, Convention Center, Los Angeles.
   [Vicious and Light] Palisades Center, New York.
   [Knock down!! Kanji monster] Little Tokyo Square, Los Angeles.

■Web site http://kotarohatch.com

Installation plan at cafe"A WOMB"(Kyoto)
Feb.24 - Mar.22 2005