-About CASO-

Contemporary Art Space Osaka (CASO ,or Kaigandori Gallery ), ex-warehouse in the waterfront area of Osaka harbor, is one of the largest rental space for contemporary art in Japan.
We welcome you to visit to our space, and also welcome your energetic exhibition in our space.



The Sumitomo Warehouse opened "Contemporary Art Space Osaka (CASO, or Kaigandori Gallery)" featuring the contemporary art in September 2000

There is a ceiling of 5.8m high in 4 blocks and all the blocks receive natural light from above.
We converted the inside of CASO into the neutral space which reminds us of an image at the previous warehouse just exactly as it was.
On the 2nd floor, there is a lounge for visitors and artists who use CASO. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Osaka harbor as well as inside of the CASO from there. The lounge is also available for taking rest, reading magazines and books from our library, browsing web sites, holding an opening a party, and listening to a lecture about exhibition.

Prospective users
The CASO as a place of new activities, will be targeted for
>> Solo and group exhibition of the foreign or domestic contemporary artists
>> Exhibition by art schools
   / art department of universities
   / cultural administrations
   / corporate support of the arts
>> Independent art coordinators, curators, gallery directors as the place of the new activities.

Area around CASO
These are facilities in the waterfront area of Osaka harbor, near CASO.
>The old brick warehouse
old brick warehouse of osaka port

>Tempozan Harbor Village
(Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Hotel Seagull, TempozanMarketplace, Giant Ferris Wheel )
suntory museum tempozanOsaka aquarium KAIYUKAN
osaka port from suntory museumwheel