''ESCALATE'': Gary McLeod

Gary McLeod

・会期  2006年8月15日(火)〜8月20日(日)

・時間  11:00〜19:00 (最終日〜17:00)

・会場  海岸通ギャラリー・CASO D室


ションに集約。ランダムに再生される映像作品、Escalate (2006)での経験は現代の空虚な空間から、見知らぬ者同士が密接に
(Translation by 永井陽子)

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ESCALATE: Gary McLeod exhibition

For 2 years, the traffic lights of Osaka have been quietly showcased in the work of British artist Gary McLeod.
After coming here in 2003, the sheer number of lights had a profound effect on the artist's works and methods,
resulting in several video installations and photographic works along the way.
This exhibition at Osaka's Kaigan Dori Gallery CASO marks Gary 5th in Japan and signals a move away from his
more familiar subject matter and towards new pastures of the city. In this video installation work, the view from
all 232 escalators from each station of the Osaka city subway network have been filmed and collated into a
never-ending video.
Played randomly, the experiences within Escalate (2006) vary from empty modernist spaces to commuter rushes to
intimate encounters with strangers but with one constant: the pulse of the city embodied by the steady speed of
the escalator.
In a place inhabited only by commuters, initially we are the flaneur of this environment, watching and studying, whilst
shifting effortlessly between the worlds above and below. However in time we become less the flaneur and more the
dweller trapped between two places, our origin and our destination, in a world, which is neither here nor there.

A limited edition of 232 DVD copies of the video (signed and numbered) will be available to purchase during the exhibition.
More information about this piece and Gary's previous works can be found on his website:


2006-2008 MA Digital Art (online), Camberwell College of Art. (ONGOING)
1998-2001 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Wimbledon School of Art, London.
1997-1998 Foundation Diploma, Winchester School of Art, Hampshire.
1995-1997 GNVQ in Art & Design, Fareham College, Hampshire.

Solo exhibitions:

2007 All Night Long in Market House Gallery, Monaghan, Eire.
2006 Escalate, CASO (Contemporary Art Space Osaka), Osaka, Japan.
2006 Temporary Lights Yahoo BB Internet Cafe, Kyoto, Japan.
2006 GO Gallery H.O.T. Osaka, Japan.
2005 Guiding Lights Jedburgh Arts Centre, Jedburgh, UK.
2005 Guiding Lights Early Gallery, Umeda, Osaka, Japan.
2004 Wait for the Light to Change Fukugan  Gallery, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan.

Group exhibitions:

2007 "Object", Gallery HOT, Osaka, Japan.(also curated)
2005 "Towers and Icons" at Artists Harbour Gallery, Portsmouth, UK
2002 Open exhibition, "Land" at Artsway, Hampshire, UK.
2001 Undergraduate exhibition in the offices at "corporate edge" design, Hammersmith, London, UK.
2000 Undergraduate exhibition at Byam Shaw School of Art, London, UK.


2003 Exploding Cinema, New Cross, London, UK.
2001 Cotswolds International Film and video festival, Stroud, UK.
2001 Exploding Cinema, New Cross, London, UK.
2001 Meniscus Film Festival, Grimsby, UK.
2001 Catacomb Microcinema, Winnipeg, Canada.
2000 "Go to the balcony" Undergraduate film & video festival.
2000 Streamed screening on www.Cinemanow.com

"GO" (2006) Gallery H.O.T. 日本、大阪.