Gary McLeod

・会期  2009年7月28日(火)〜8月2日(日)

・時間  11:00〜19:00 (最終日は17:00まで)

・会場  海岸通ギャラリー・CASO D室

・特別賛助 Japanzine, Kathmandu Cafe, Tokyo VR Studio, Japan Indies, Mojoprint, SoHo Art Gallery and Metropolis.

2009年7月28日から8月2日まで、ゲイリー・マクレオド(Gary McLeod) の「Privilege」展を開催いたします。

「Privilege」 は、Gary McLeod によるビデオインスタレーションで、日本国内で働く英語教師たちのインタビューと肖像を投影するものです。


Privilege (特権)
ゲイリー・マクレオド(Gary McLeod)による、日本在住の英語教師についての展覧会







2009年8月1日〜8月28日 FCCJ: The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan、東京 (展覧会情報
2009年9月17日〜9月23日 瑞聖寺アートプロジェクト(ZAP Zuishoji Art Projects)、東京


An exhibition of English teachers in Japan by Gary McLeod


In the old days, some of the few ways to see the world was with wealth or by joining the navy.
These days, its teaching English.

Inspired by Victorian photographs of native races taken between 1872 and1876, "Privilege" involved the documenting and interviewing of English teachers in Japan for the purpose of creating a photographic archive of these transient workers. These photographs are taken with a hybrid camera that consists of an 1878 British lens and Japanese digital camera.
This combination required 300 individual photographs for one picture, which are stitched together afterwards, taking 20-25 minutes to shoot and 4-5 hours to stitch. The result is a fragmented but honest image of each English teacher.

Having made large use of Social Networking websites to recruit volunteers, the collection consists of over 100 teachers from various English-speaking countries taken over one year in Japan. They are a record of people taking an opportunity that may or may not be around forever.
A printed version of the collection will be donated to the Natural History Museum in London in autumn, but here they will be exhibited in digital format alongside the teachers’ words as narrated by students of their language.
These works will also be exhibited in Tokyo in August and September.

Visit the artist website for more details: www.garymcleod.co.uk