Fission and Division

" Painting as Nucleus/Print as Its Multiplication "

(Endless Painting)

My painting is based on the image of a cell, simultaneously is an accumulation
of layers of spontaneous drawings. First, I do drawing trusting my intuition and
challenging to perceive a sense of inner space. Then I scan these drawings into
computer and put layers of each drawing on top of each other, and select what is
necessary to construct the painting. The shape refers to the bone, the color
relates to the flesh, and the texture reflects the skin. As I work on the painting,
I again scan the shifting images in progress. What I attempt to do here is to
break the boundary of the edge and corner of painting, that is to free myself from
the chain of gravity. I use the the soft application of Adobe Photoshop in order
to extend the painting continuously to the vertical and horizontal directions.
I believe that is an equivalent approach to breaking the boundary of the edge and
corner of painting.
When I came across with the work "Endless Column" by Brancussi sometime ago,
I have been intrigued with the idea of applying his concept to the language of
painting. The painting that flies high in the air and creeps along the wall and floor,
breaking the shackles of gravity.

Atsuhiko Musashi
Atsuhiko Musashi
1952 Born in Kyoto,Japan
1976 University of Washington B.A.
1979 San Francisco Art Institute M.F.A.
Solo Exhibitions
1982,84 DOT Gallery (Kyoto)
1984,87,89,94,2000 Galerie Humanite Tokyo (Tokyo)
1985,88,94,97 Galerie Humanite Nagoya (Nagoya)
1989,91,95 Gallery Coco (Kyoto)
1990,93,2000 Gallery OH (Ichinomiya)
1991,96 Don Soker Contemporary Art (San Francisco)
1992 Photo Space Gallery (Australian National University)
1993 Art Space Baku (Fukuoka)
1996,98 Gallery Petit Bois (Osaka)
1997 Gallery Shirakawa (Kyoto)
1999 Scottish Art Club (Edinburgh)
2000 Montana State University Gallery(Bozeman,U.S.A.)
Selected Group Exhibitions
1986 Rijeka International Drawing Exhibition (Yugoslavia)
Crossing '86 (Honolulu Academy of Arts, U.S.A.)
1987 Cosmology of Contemporary Art (ICA Nagoya)
1988 Krakow International Print Biennial (Poland)
1990 Intergrafik '90 (Berlin, Germany)
Interprint '90 (Ukraine)
Maxi Graphica'90 (Heinekin Village Gallery, Tokyo)
1991,93 Bharat Bhavan International Print Biennial (India)
1993 Art Festival Kyoto (Kyoto)
Sapporo International Print Biennial (Sapporo)
Contemporary Art Festival (Saitama Prefectural Art Museum) / Purchase Award
1994,96 Direction of Paintings ( Osaka Prefectural Contemporary Art Center, Osaka)
1995 Kyoto New Artist Prize Awarded Exhibition (Kyoto Shijo Municipal Art Gallery)
1996 Exhibition of 50 Contemporary Japanese Artists (Navio Art Museum, Osaka)
Art of Today 3 (Kawaguchi Contemporary Art Museum)
1999 Budou no Kuni International Print Biennial (Yamanashi Art Museum,Kofu)
SSA Annual Exhibition/Scottish Art Club Award (Edinburgh)