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April 06, 2014

DJI - Vision Plus and BMX

Professional bmx rider Patrick Aubichon and bmx racing sensation Jeremy Rommel test out the Vision+ in the field. In dangerous sports like BMX, you don't want to have to repeat moves to get the right shot. Using the Vision+ he can get footage he never could before on the first attempt.

April 06, 2014

DJI Vision Plus and Motocross

Motorcross star Rookie White takes a Phantom 2 Vision+ to the circuit. Not only is it perfect for epic shots and training, once in the air it "feels right" and "comes naturally."

April 06, 2014

DJI - Vision Plus and Motor Racing

Up and coming, ultra talented young race driver Matt Solomon talks Phantom 2 Vision+ as an ideal tool for motor racing. It captures shots that would otherwise be impossible, and lets drivers see their moves from above, helping them refine racing lines and strategies.